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As hotel automation technology develops, hospitality professionals at all levels, from owners and operators to general managers and sales directors, are automating more and more of their standard operating procedures. In this guide, we take an in-depth look at the latest trends in hotel automation and analyze why the demand for automated services is growing in the hospitality industry. We review the latest developments in automated technology, discuss how industry experts are using hotel automation to streamline operations and identify strategies for using hotel automation to boost productivity.


In addition to revolutionizing hotel operations, hoteliers are implementing automated hotel technology to improve the guest experience.

In an increasingly digital age, where many guests want to get where they’re going now, hotels are investing in more automated resources for guests.


Digital room keys. Improve guest satisfaction and optimize guest check-in services by allowing travelers to bypass the front desk altogether.

Through digital check-in services and contactless hotel apps, guests are able to use their cell phones as a digital key. Upon arrival, they can head straight to their room and open the door with a quick swipe of their mobile key.


Automating operations at your hotel doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming process. It can be difficult to pinpoint where to get started, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help.

Don’t over-automate operating processes or try to revolutionize procedures too quickly, as this can easily lead to user error and incorrectly setting up new operations.

 Undergoing a complete hotel digital transformation takes time, money, staff training, and a carefully allocated hotel budget.

Identify the most inefficient operations at your hotel to determine where hotel automation will have the most benefit first.

Which areas of the hotel need the most improvement? Which department has the highest labor costs? Which staff positions are you having the most difficulty filling?

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Automated procedures can help prevent overbooking, failing to complete guest requests and unnecessarily disturbing guests.

Through hotel automation, things like service requests, preference notes, and guest messages are automatically assigned to a team member with a trackable task attached.

Set task status updates and employee questions to be shared automatically with applicable departments, improving staff communication, task completion rates, and overall productivity.

In addition to aiding in-house communications, hoteliers also implement automated messaging systems to stay in touch with guests, promote repeat travel, and reduce no-show rates.

 Automatically send guests hotel booking confirmations, reservation reminders, deposit details, cut-off reminders, and more. Send guests a summary of their receipt after checkout with any applicable hotel loyalty program rewards or points updates.