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Hotel maintenance is one of the crucial aspects of a hotel. It is the work undertaken in order to keep, restore, or improve every part of a hotel. Meaning, keeping the functioning of every asset as smooth as possible to reduce the risk of interruptions in running a hotel. Hotel maintenance management is no rocket science. However, for a hotel to make the most out of it without any discrepancy, it must follow a set of practices. And this is exactly what we are going to see in this section. The following points are some of the best practices on how to improve hotel maintenance. All of them are proven to do wonders, so I would highly recommend you give each of them a try and see it for yourself.


One of the hotel maintenance best practices is that you need to have a standard SOP in place when it comes to maintenance.

I know, most of you are aware of SOP, but for those who aren’t, it is basically step-by-step instructions to carry out a certain task.

Now talking about the topic at hand, a hotel maintenance SOP is going to guide your staff and reduce the chances of any missed steps or other discrepancies that would impact the quality of work.

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Hotel maintenance management software is like a sidekick for a hotelier.

These kinds of systems help hoteliers in streamlining various tasks; be it assigning work, keeping track of progress, managing workers, work schedule, and everything in between.

With a hotel maintenance management system, the chances of discrepancies decrease by a great length.  Not to mention, they also save a lot of time and costs.


Next up on the hotel maintenance tips, use a daily checklist. Why? Because not every hotelier would have an automated system or would prefer one.

So, if you are into management already, you would understand the prominence of penning down all the tasks for the day. And whenever a task is down, tick it.

This strategy also works for a hotel’s maintenance tasks. A checklist will not only help you complete tasks on time but also makes sure that you are working on things that hold a priority.

Not to mention, ticking tasks on a checklist also helps, psychologically, in keeping motivated.