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Travel is inevitably associated with a departure from the normal routine, but regular resistance exercise is one habit you don’t want to leave behind. Resistance training helps to maintain and improve physical health, appearance, and strength. Moreover, beyond these obvious benefits, resistance training is emerging as a potential intervention to support mental health. Since hitting the weights can be challenging when you’re on the road, here are three travel-ready workouts for your next expedition.

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Staying in a hotel or short-term rental with no fitness facility? Fortunately, bodyweight training is a viable option to hit nearly all major muscle groups. Nevertheless, perform this quick and efficient bodyweight workout in the comfort of your hotel room or short-term rental bedroom.

Moreover, classic exercises like the push-up combined with challenging moves train body parts you might not have known were possible using body weight.

Lie on the floor with your palms under or just outside of your shoulders and your toes dug into the floor. Additionally, while maintaining a ridged plank (straight line through your torso and legs), push through your palms until your elbows are straight. Lower with control.

In addition, a side plank is also an exercise you can easily perform in your room. Lie on your side with your support arm on the floor directly under your shoulder. Straighten your support arm and reach your top arm to the ceiling. For balance, widen your base by placing the heel of your top leg far in front of the toes of your bottom leg.


Along with a toothbrush, deodorant, and clothing, a resistance band belongs on your list of “travel essentials.” One simple resistance band allows you to train and add resistance to movement patterns that might otherwise be impossible without access to a gym. Best of all, a resistance band is light, easy to pack, and inexpensive.

Complete the band pull-apart workout with a single loop-style resistance band of moderate thickness. All you have to do is stand with the resistance band loop around your torso.

Hold a short length of band in front of your shoulders with outstretched arms, palms down. Stretch the band by pulling your arms apart and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position.

Moreover, there is an exercise in a combination with both the aforementioned exercises. The band push-up is a simple way of enhancing your travel workout.

Again, wrap the band around your mid-back, below your shoulder blades. Pin the ends of the band under your palms and begin the exercise in the top push-up position — supported on your palms and toes with your elbows straight. Lower your body toward the floor, then return to the top position.

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